MAY .13. 2015 : Here we are!

Students had already divided themselves into groups working on different aspects of the project.

  • Toolkit
  • Library (resource center)
  • Social platform
  • Products
  • Exhibition

Today, they describe the process the have gone through the past weeks.

Later, by the students, the semester timeline is suggested, a couple of definitions are chosen as the most significant and group duties are clearly defined.

In the end, the students start to present their studies on the toolkits, evaluate and compare three dominant ones: 1. Field Guide to Human-Centered Design (By IDEO, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), 2. The social Design Methods Menu (By Lucy Kimbell and Joe Julier), 3. Collective Action Toolkit (By Frog), among which the last on is considered the closest to the group’s purpose.

Besides, the whole research work of the class is stored in google drive for later use.

048 036

031 030

041 040


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