JUNE .17 & 18. 2015: A Hectic Month to Come!

Wednesday’s class starts with Professor Kwami meeting the groups individually and giving feedback on the work done so far. While each group reports their progress, others continue working on their existing tasks.



After having given the necessary corrections and recommendations to the groups, Prof. Kwami introduces the book “The Lean Start up” by Eric Ries and invites the whole class to a Skype session with David Lees -A friend of his, living in Munich, who specializes in product marketing and happens to talk about the very same book.



David talks about an hour and a half on how to have a successful start up, providing examples and pieces of experience. The key aspect in his viewpoint is the idea of checking your product with he potential customers before investing much time, energy and money into launching it to the market.

The students find David’s ideas very inspiring and ask him a couple of questions afterwards, which he addresses quite clearly.

The day ends with a pleasant grill-evening suggested by the professor and carried out by the students. Everybody finds a chance to unwind and get a bit away from the heavy studio work, eating, chit-chatting and even playing! Later Professor Gellert joins the group as well.


096  DSCF5724

Obviously, the story continues on Thursday!

Groups continue their separate work till the end of the day, when each gives a short review of their decisions and achievements so far.

  • The Toolkit group is proceeding very well with the development of the Method kit.
  • The Design Criteria is refined and cleared as well.
  • The examples are accurately sorted under the proposed categories.
  • Graphic Icons are being designed for each of the categories.
  • The Definitions are sorted and developed into an info-graphic and the keywords are selected.
  • The Website platform is secured and the design of the template just started.
  • The Resources are being complied and categorized to fit into the website.
  • A couple of ongoing individual projects are also progressing .



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